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  • I've got some cool sh*t. Can I sell it at The Market?
    Pretty much anything is welcome, so long as it's legal and family-friendly (no porn, counterfits--stuff like that). No MLM products are allowed. STRONGLY FAVORED: original art, antique and vintage items, hand-crafted goods and jewelry, home goods, clothing, novelties, stuff like that. If you want to chat about what you have to sell, stop by to see Matt at the shop during the week or drop an email to We reserve the right to refuse any vendor, items, or ask you to remove any inappropriate, illegal or prohibited items. Just be cool.
  • Do I need vendor insurance?
    Yes. Our insurance company, Hughson & Benson, requires vendors carry liability insurance. We don't make the rules. Please do not call or email us about insurance. We will not make any exceptions to this requirement. Your homeowner's or renter's insurance probably already covers you; ask your insurance policy representative. To add a liability policy costs roughly $30-150 annually and enables you to sell on multiple dates of The Market and at other places. The Market at This & That does business as Beth Ann LLC, 110 Main St., Delhi, NY 13753 -- your insurance company may ask that. If you need coverage or have questions about insurance, please direct them to: Vanessa Eighmey, 607-364-0006 We are not insurance experts, so again, kindly don't ask us about insurance or for any special treatment. We're a small business and we play by the rules we don't make! Thank you for understanding.
  • Do I have to collect sales tax?
    As a vendor you are responsible for collecting and paying your own New York State and Delaware County sales taxes. Most vendors are already registered but if you are new to selling, you'll want to visit the New York State web site for sales tax to register and to have any questions answered related to collecting and paying taxes on items you sell. Or ask the advice of your accountant or tax preparer.
  • Can my buyers run their credit card at the shop?
    Sorry, no, you cannot use the in-store POS at This & That to run a buyer's payment. Please be prepared with your own way(s) to accept payment from your buyers.
  • Where is This & That and the flea market located?
    This & That is a store that offers home decor of old and new. It is located at 110 Main St. in Delhi, NY. The Market is an all-weather flea market on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.-ish from April through November featuring vendors. This & That operates as Beth Ann LLC, owned by Matthew Marchese.
  • Bottom line it for me: What do I need to do to sell at The Market?
    1. A vendor ticket. Tickets are sold on the Vendors page. 2. Have vendor insurance. 3. Show up on your market date with a table for your stuff! See full Vendor guidelines.
  • The forecast looks sketchy, will the flea be canceled?
    The Market at This & That is an all-weather flea. If the forecast looks to be a total washout, we'll contact vendors for that week and announce closure on social media. If you prepaid, you'll be welcome back on a future date. We're not jerks. This & That Delhi on Instagram
  • When is a good day to sell? Will it be busy?
    We lost our crystal ball! There's really no science to how busy a day will be (really, we've long since stopped trying to figure it out and accept that, like the weather, we can't control it). We recommend a roll-with-it attitude.
  • Do you follow COVID guidelines?
    Like everyone, we try to keep up with the ever-changing guidance. We follow whatever the Delaware County DOH is recommending. You can read about the guidelines here.
  • Do you provide tables or tents?
    We don't have tables or tents for you to use. Tables of this size (6-foot) work well, but any table will do, even card tables. Some vendors bring a pop-up tent as well. There's plenty of room in the garden for them. Space under our awnings isn't guaranteed.
  • What happened to John's Flea?
    John is Matt's father. Read the story here. When Matt first opened This & That (at the beginning of the pandemic!), the flea market was separate from the shop. Over time, the two have melded together and the different names got confusing. Now everything for the flea market can be found on
  • I'm a chef. Can I do a pop-up at a Market?
    Sometimes we feature a guest chef. If you're a chef and want a turn at the grill, contact Matt to talk about available dates, your menu idea and permits.
  • I'm in a band. Can we play on the Barn Stage?
    Maybe! Shoot us an email at, tell us about your band (send links!)
  • But I still have a question...
    Well aren't you needy. Use the chat button or email
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