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Commission and Sales Form

Thanks for submitting!

So you want to sell something at This & That?

Here's exactly how to do it:

Step 1.) Send pictures of the items to Matt via email at

Step 2.) If Matt is interested in any of your items, you'll fill out and submit the form on this page which will then be reviewed by the team. We will reach out to accept or decline the application through the email provided in the form. Once that is all set, you can bring the items to the shop to be sold! Are you unable to transport a rather large item yourself? List that in the form!

Check out our standard commission agreement below for a percentage breakdown and details.

Terms: The standard amount for commissioned items is 70% (that's you) / 30% (that's us.) These percentages apply to your agreement unless otherwise discussed, as every situation and item is unique and treated accordingly. Please note that This & That determines the final pricing of items. In the item section above please list every item you intend to bring in for the sake of commission along with the amount you wish to receive (after the 70/30 commission agreement is applied) beside each respective item. Only after this form is submitted and approved does This & That assume responsibility of any submitted items. All items AND prices must be determined before the items are left in the shop's possession, no exceptions. In other words, never leave anything here without prior approval from us!

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