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About The Market

The Market at This & That (formerly John's Flea market)
is open Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 3-ish, April though November

My father brought me to the Grand View Flea Market in Derry, New Hampshire, every weekend when I was growing up. He's now 79 years old and still goes EVERY morning to the local Goodwill in search of things to further clutter his, admittedly, well curated small lake cottage home.


My knowledge and more importantly, appreciation, of antiques, crafts, and my sense of community, are a direct result of those weekend days spent walking the flea with my father. Seeing the same faces week after week, looking at odd tools and my father explaining their uses, and the smell of a musty 40 year old tradition, are all fond memories and made me who I am and what I do. 


I purchased 110 Main St., located in the heart of Delhi, NY., in 2020. I was drawn to the building's open space, patio and garden areas, and the rustic barn out back, and knew immediately I wanted to create a flea market.


If you were around for the first few seasons (2020 and 2021), you'll remember the pink elephant and the John's Flea market name, which was named for my father. The logo was inspired by the pink elephant that stood at the entrance of the Grand View Flea market. Elephants are known to symbolize luck and wealth but the John's Flea market elephant is simply that, a pink elephant, just as it was at Grand View!

Sadly, Grand View closed many years ago to make way for a gas station. And I guess change is inevitable. I decided to retire the elephant and the John's Flea branding because, as much as I love my father and didn't want to get rid of it, it was too damn confusing having two brands at one address! 

The Market at This & that is open on Saturdays, April through November, right at the shop. Hope you'll come by!



News article from when the market first opened as John's Flea in summer 2020

Matt Marchese's dad at a flea market in the 80s

Matt's father John Marchese, selling at the Grand View Flea Market in New Hampshire, circa early 1980s.

pink elephant Grand View flea market Derry, NH

The pink elephant that stood at the entrance of the Grand View Flea Market in New Hampshire for years, and the inspiration for the first iteration of the market, John's Flea.. Used with permission from The Derry News

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